Shower Glass

New Look

 Historically, a bathroom was a functional space that was typically small and lacked individuality.  Today, with modern conveniences and technology, bathrooms have transformed into private sanctuaries.  Modern glass materials along with a wide selection of unique hardware options have allowed a bath space to become a comfortable environment for not only practical purposes, but also a place for custom steam enclosures, frame-less and custom glass shower and bath designs, and artistic glass applications to allow natural light into your space while preserving privacy.  Our team can also assist you in finding creative applications for mirrors in a wide range of shapes and sizes that finishes your bath space into something that adds value to your home. 

Here to Help

 At JoNic Glass, our experienced staff can help you design and build individual artistic design into your home.  Whether it is a remodel, or new build design, we can provide you with the expertise to create your sanctuary.  

 Choose between framed and frame-less designs in either 1/4”, 3/8”, or 1/2” glass.  Options for glass include clear, obscure, patterned, and textured designs in various shapes and colors.  Compliment any of these options with a wide variety of hardware finishes and you will make a unique statement that will combine beauty and functionality.  


 Depending on the design and size of your shower or bath, a framed enclosure may best suit your needs.  Framed designs are structurally stronger than most frame-less units because of the metal components.  The framed option allows for use of lighter glass (1/4”) and can be less expensive. 


 Frame-less units provide a more contemporary look and open feel to your space by eliminating metal framework around the glass.  Most frame-less units and designs will use heavier glass (3/8” and 1/2”).  The application and variety of frame-less units is quite extensive and provides you with several options to consider.  These structures can provide sleek contemporary elegance with unique architectural appeal.  These designs will tend to allow for better saturation of light, creating an open inviting atmosphere.  


 JoNic Glass can design an enclosure to meet your specific needs and satisfy your most creative artistic architectural designs.  Custom building an enclosure means you can select from a wide variety of premium glass options and hardware finishes.  Allow us to become part of turning creative ideas into your custom oasis.