About Us

Humble Beginnings

 Founded on the principles of Quality, Loyalty, and Pride of Craftsmanship, JoNic Glass Inc. has become a well respected business partner to contractors and consumers alike.  With meager beginnings in 1980 as a small ‘Mom and Pop’ operation, JoNic gradually grew its reputation and following of loyal customers.  With the expanding base of repeat customers in the Greater Los Angeles area of California, founder and President Pete Latino recognized the potential this traditionalist model would have in the contracting service sector.  Pete is not new to glazing, having learned the trade from true traditional craftsmen as a youth in New York.  Pete’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive for quality service with integrity led JoNic to new horizons.  

In 1998, the business expanded into the Phoenix-Scottsdale area.  With the success of the business in their new town, the Latino’s decided to permanently move the headquarters to Arizona.  With its unique ability to deliver on even the most difficult projects, JoNic expanded its products and services beyond just window replacement.   JoNic’s service offerings include not only a wide selection of glass product, but also provide fabrication for both custom and production projects.  Today, JoNic is a full service provider for residential, commercial, industrial and specialty applications.

Be Part of Our History

 Let your story become part of our story.  Call us today for a no obligation quote for your up-coming project or to solve your urgent glass needs today.