commercial glass

We meet all types of needs

Having owned and operated glass businesses from more than 3 decades, our family understands the importance of QUALITY, RELIABILITY, and VALUE a trusted service provider must deliver.  JoNic Glass has maintained superior quality service for not only new construction, but also renovations, tenant improvements, and continuing maintenance and service contracts.  Our team will provide installation and service to retail, commercial , and industrial customers.

Some of our customers have used JoNic for restaurant, hospitality, museums, multi-unit developments, single and multi-level commercial office buildings, and residential developments.

Our commercial services are not limited to traditional applications such as windows and mirrors, we also do complex glass shelving, restaurant table tops, glass walls and floors, skylights, glass partitions and glass doors , from 1/4" and 1" monolithic, laminated, and insulated glass units.

In-House Fabrication

 With in-house fabrication, we can handle custom and standard fittings for commercial, hollow-metal, and other door and side light entries.  Our technicians can install and service most types of commercial, industrial, and residential hardware.  We also fabricate custom frames for a wide range of applications.